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Chemical Information Sources Wiki (Lecture notes about the topics below) See also:

About the CIS Wiki

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Main Topic Includes:
#How and Where to Start Publications, Guides, Computer Searching,
Current Awareness, Reviews, Document Delivery, Background Reading
#How and Where to Search: General Authors, Subjects
Chemical Name, Formula, Structure Searching
#How and Where to Search: Specialized Synthesis, Safety, Analytical, Physical, Patents
#Communicating in Chemistry Newsgroups, Listserves, Blogs, Visualization, Writing
#Miscellaneous History, Directories, Study, Teaching, Careers, Cheminformatics
#Supplemental Resources Supplemental Readings, SIRCh, CRSD, CCIIM, CHEMINFO


How and Where to Start

Chapter 1 The Publication Process: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources

Chapter 2 Guides to Chemical Information Sources and Databases

Chapter 3 General Information on Computer Searching

Chapter 4 Current Awareness, Reviews, and Document Delivery

Chapter 5 Background Reading: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Other Books

How and Where to Search: General

Chapter 6 Searching by Author or Organization Name and by Known Citations

Chapter 7 Searching by Subject

Chapter 8 Chemical Name and Formula Searching

Chapter 9 Structure Searching

How and Where to Search: Specialized

Chapter 10 Searching for the Synthesis or Reactions of Specific Compounds or Classes of Compounds

Chapter 11 Chemical Safety and Toxicology Information

Chapter 12 Analytical Chemistry

Chapter 13 Physical Property Information

Chapter 14 Chemical Patent Searching

Communicating in Chemistry

Chapter 15 Chemistry Newsgroups, Discussion Lists, and Blogs

Chapter 16 Molecular Visualization Tools and Sites

Chapter 17 Science Writing Aids


Chapter 18 Chemical History, Biography, Directories, and Industry Sources

Chapter 19 Teaching and Study of Chemistry

Chapter 20 Careers in Chemistry

Chapter 21 Cheminformatics

Supplemental Resources

Link to Supplemental Readings

SIRCh: Selected Internet Resources for Chemistry Wiki version

CRSD (Chemical Reference Sources Database)

Clearinghouse for Chemical Information Instructional Materials Wiki version

  • CCIIM (Clearinghouse for Chemical Information Instructional Materials) Web version: no longer kept up to date

Cheminfo No longer kept up to date

Encyclopaedia Britannica Chemistry article

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